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Hoes Costumes

Calling all Ho's! If you're looking for a fantastic Womens Hos Costume, then check out the great range at My Costume.

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  • Beauty Blue Corset
    $30.39 $22.78 Choose Options Beauty Blue Corset
    Looking for an absolutely stunning Corset? This Beauty Blue Strapless Satin Corset from My Costume includes: Satin Tapestry Flowered Jacquard Strapless Corset with contrasting boning Venice trim Hook & Eye...

  • Black Boned Corset
    $30.39 $26.59 Choose Options Black Boned Laceup Corset
    Looking for a sexy new corset? May we present... This Black Boned Laceup Corset from My Costume. This amazing corset has pink bows and also includes a G-String. Costume...

  • Black Laced Corset Dress
    $30.39 Choose Options Black Laced Corset Dress
    Fancy yourself in a new corset? Can't find the right one? Well maybe this one has caught your eye.. The Black Laced Corset Dress from My Costume includes: Front Laceup Corset with side zipper Laceup Back Attached...

  • Green 3 Bow Corset
    $26.59 Choose Options Green 3 Bow Corset
    This delightful Corset will knock the socks off your partner. Its pleasing lines and sensual colour will lift his spirits ... and yours :) The Green 3 Bow Corset from My Costume includes: 3 Bows Lace Up Corset with side...

  • Ivory Grace Corset
    $30.39 $26.59 Choose Options Ivory Grace Corset
    The Ivory Grace Corset is ideal for special occasions. It has pleated trimming with velvet vanilla tapes at the front, which add a personal touch! The pattern shape is tight and reduces the waist but covering the...

  • Laced Bust Overbust Corset
    $30.39 $26.59 Choose Options Laced Bust Overbust Corset
    This 3 piece Corset with dramatic lacing on the brocade corset creates stunning cleavage. The Laced Bust Overbust Corset provides a slimming silhouette, pushes up and supports the breasts, flattens the tummy and will...

  • Padded Underwire Corset
    $30.39 $22.78 Choose Options Padded UnderWire Corset
    This incredible Padded Underwire Corset from My Costume includes: Gorgeous padded cup underwire bustier.  Lycra and stretch lace front & back panels.  Power net sides & boning with contrast undercup...

  • Saucy Laced Overbust Corset
    $30.39 Choose Options Saucy Laced Overbust Corset
      Gorgeously gothic, this black three-piece set is sure to have your lover fuelled by dark temptations.  In sexy satin with a lace overlay, its sexy style, curved lines and heaving cleavage-making capacities are...

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